Why does the problem of overheating occur in Smartphones and how can you solve this problem?

Why does the problem of overheating occur in Smartphones and how can you solve this problem?

Nowadays, there is a common problem in almost all smartphones and that is the problem of overheating, whether the phone is big, small, cheap or expensive. The person using the smartphone must have felt his phone getting hot at some point of time. So why does this happen?

Our smartphone is a machine and when all small and big machines are used, they are definitely hot. For example, if you are watching TV for 1 hour, then if you touch and see the back part of that TV then it also remains hot or if you are using laptop then the lower part of it also remains hot.

Why does the problem of overheating occur in smartphones?

First of all, we will try to know why the problem of overheating occurs in our smartphone. Different company's phones heat up in different amounts, some phone gets hotter then some less it depends on the use of our phone.

There are different reasons behind all these, why this happens and when let's know.

Processor is the most important part of your phone that does all the work. Since all the apps on your phone can only work because of the processor and all the work on the phone is done with these apps, so the processor plays an important role in all types of smartphones.

This is the part of the phone that always works when your phone is turned on, whether you are using the phone or not.

The processor is made of a semi conductor where small electrons are present, everyone should have learned about semi conductor and electrons in school so I will not tell you about the details.

So when processing takes place these tiny electrons keep running from here to there and as a result they collide many times and whenever they collide then heat is produced in the processor.
So the faster your processor works, the more these electrons run and collide with the increasing amount of heat produced. When they produce heat, then the processor is also hot, because our smartphone is also hot.

As you can see these days, smartphones are starting to come in smaller sizes than ever before, they are easy to hold and most people prefer smaller phones.

Due to their small size, all parts of the phone stay the same in the same area, so when the processor is hot, it cannot find a place to disappear after exiting. That heat stays inside, so it starts to feel on our phone.

If your processor works normally like talking to your phone or sending messages or watching videos, in all of these things your processor will sometimes not be too hot to hear.

But if you do a lot of work on your phone at the same time as playing a game and at the same time downloading something in the background, this time your processor is very efficient and does it very quickly. So if it works fast, it will be very hot.

The third cause of the phone overheating is the battery, for most smartphones the battery heats up very quickly. The reason for this is also the design of small smartphones. Due to the small space, processor, RAM, battery, all of these components are placed close together, so whenever the processor starts to heat up, it also affects the battery.

In the same way, when a battery is used or charged, it automatically generates heat and completely dissipates that heat inside the phone. Due to the smaller the phone, the battery size also decreases and the battery becomes smaller, when it heats up faster, if a larger battery were used on smartphones, it would not heat up faster.

How Can You Solve the Smartphone Heating Problem?

1. First, check on your phone that because of the use of any app or game, your phone overheats any app running in the background and using your processor. , once you know about it, uninstall that app immediately or do not use that app every day, sometimes do it. If the processor is too hot your phone will start to slow down.

2. The second problem is overload, so whenever you are doing heavy work on your phone such as playing a game or making a video, do not use any other apps at all. If you use more apps at once, your phone will work faster and will not burn at all.

3. The third problem is the battery, where you do not use your phone while charging your phone, then the temperature problem will not be as great. If you feel that the phone's battery is overheated, remove the outer covers that are attached to the back of your phone for a moment and allow some air from the battery to cool down quickly and the battery will quickly degrade. The chances of getting it will be reduced.

4. Do not use your cell phone when temperatures are high. Turn on the fan, cooler, or AC, and when the temperature rises, you can use your phone, and you will have no problems with heating.

5. Sometimes phones are also very hot due to hardware or software. You check your phone software for the latest version or not because in many cases your phone hardware cannot use the software properly or use more, as a result. And the phone is too hot.